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[Thailand] Improving Workplace Wellness with Marimo 5
Thailand is one of the biggest manufacturing countries in the world. TANITA Thailand joins in hand with local nutritionist group, Marimo 5 to help various brand companies improve Employees' Health through a series of health monitoring program, "Marimo 5 Health Station".   Based on TANITA body composition results, "Marimo 5 Health Station" follows up with the company employees with personal nutrition advice and education. Employees with obesity issue also join the "Marimo 5 Lose Fat Program" which targets helping them losing a certain Body Fat % within 3 months.   Up to Dec 2016, already 10,000 employees in Thailand have participated in "Marimo 5 Health Station" program, and is expected to expand to benefit 25,000 employees in 2017.    TANITA believes Employees' Health would be company's biggest asset to more greater business returns ahead. For more information about the program, please contact TANITA Asia Pacific at asia-pacific@tanita.co.jp.    
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[Taiwan] TANITA booth at the Obesity Congress (4 Dec 2016)
TANITA Taiwan has participated the Annual Obesity Congress in Taiwna on 4 Dec 2016, demonstration the MC-780MA and MC-980MA.  
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[Indonesia] Get Healthy with TANITA Roadshow 2016
Over 20% of Indonesian population are categoried as Overweight or Obese according to WHO BMI standard.   TANITA Indonesia is promoting a healthy lifestyle through a series of roadshow activities in Metro Department Store and Best Denki electronic stores across the country.    In the 3-month "Get Healthy with TANITA" campaign, local famous chef Mr. Budi Lee, Naturopathic Doctor and Chlonic Hydrotherapist Dr. Riani Susanto were invited to give a talk on how to select good ingredients for healthy meal. Our TANITA Brand Ambassador, Mr. Rian Krisna also gave a talk on how to monitor weight using TANITA scales.   The campaign has received overwhelming response across the country, and we look forward to promoting the Healthy Weight idea in Indonesian population.    
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[Thailand] Participation in Asian Fitness Conference 2016
TANITA Thailand has demonstrated our full range of body composition analysers to the professional fitness trainers in the Asian Fitness Conference 2016 (7 - 9 Oct 2016).      
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[Thailand] FatFix Competition 2017
Consecutively third year, TANITA Thailand has held the FatFix competition 2016 from Aug - Oct 2016. This year we are glad to receive overwhelming response for application, and 20 pairs out of more than 200 applications have been selected to participate in this annual fat loss event.   Together with local nutritionist group Marimo 5, fitness gym JATOMI Fitness and Muay Thai boxing gym 911 by JT, TANITA FatFix competition offered the contestants unique nutritional x fitness training opportunities to help them reduce body fat. Groups with most % of body fat reduced would be awarded.   More information about the event can be viewed: https://www.facebook.com/TanitaTH/videos/1415622888454923/    
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[Hong Kong] Participation in Sportsoho Fair (11 - 14 Aug 2016)
Showing support to local Sports development, TANITA has demonstrated the MC-980MA in The HKFYG booth at Sportsoho Fair for public to check their body composition during 11 - 14 Aug 2016.   
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[Brunei] 28 Days Fierce Women Strength Challenge
TANITA Brunei held the competition of "28 Days Fierce Women Strength Challenge", inviting all female members from Fitness Zone Gym to participate.   Winner of the challenge can win 1-month free membership to Fitness Zone and a TANITA scale.  
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[Hong Kong] Participation in the HKFYG Olympics event
TANITA Hong Kong is proud to support HKFYG in providing free body composition analysis service to the general Hong Kong community in the HKFYG Olympics Promotion event on 8 July 2016 (Fri) in Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill Hong Kong.   Apart from body composition analysis, free trial of archery tag, rowing machine are also provided to promote awareness to sports activity in Hong Kong society, especially younger generation.   Ms. Guo Jingjing, former national female diver from the People's Republic of China, also attended the event to show her support to the development of sports activity in Hong Kong.  
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[Hong Kong] TANITA booth at Health Expo 2016
In joint effort with Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association (HKPFA), TANITA Hong Kong provided free body composition measurement using MC-980s to the participants, hoping to arouse public awareness towards health and body fat monitoring. The measurement results will then be explained by HKPFA professional trainers, giving advice to the participants on their health and fitness level. To encourage public to monitor their food intake for better health, limited stock of TANITA digital kitchen scale KD-199 was offered at HKD 1 (USD 0.13) at the beginning of each exhibition day. It attracted long queue and all kitchen scales were sold out within 5 minutes. TANITA Hong Kong also showcased the salt checker SO-303 during the exhibition, explaining to the public that various food in Hong Kong containing salt level exceeding the WHO salt intake suggestion. 
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[Thailand] TANITA's booth at Supersports 10 Mile International Run 2016
TANITA Thailand has participated in the Supersports 10 Mile International Run 2016, taking place in Bangkok on 19 Jun 2016. The booth offered free body composition measurements for all marathon participants. Winners can also receive a free TANITA body composition monitor as gift.  
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[Taiwan] TANITA booth at the Sencare Exhibition (16 - 19 Jun)
TANITA Taiwan participated into the Sencare Exhibition 2016, which was held in Taipei World Trade Centre from 16 Jun - 19 Jun 2016. Full series of TANITA products were showcased in the show, participants could also experience free body composition check witj MC-780MA at the booth. TANITA coffee was also served during the exhibition, bringing an all-round TANITA health experience to the event participants.  
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[Hong Kong] MC-980MA displays in Health Expo Press Conference
TANITA's MC-980MA is proud to be featured in the Health Expo press conference taking place in HKCEC, Hong Kong on 12 Jun. Mr. Ricky Cheung, the Vice-President of the Physcial Fitness Association of Hong Kong explained how to use the MC-980MA to measure body composition.     
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[Thailand] Tanita's WB-380 in Miss Thailand 2016
Tanita is proud to be selected to measure body weight and height for the contestants of Miss Thailand 2016 in May. The weighing scales WB-380 was used in the event.  
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[Hong Kong] Launch of facebook page
We are pleased to announce that the new Tanita Hong Kong facebook page has been launched on 1 May 2016. Together with tanita.asia website, we target to develop this facebook page as the major promotional/ brand building channel in Hong Kong area, through sharing TANITA product news, updates of sales event, Tanita healthy lifestyle and other related information. Please like and share the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tanita.hongkong  
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[Australia] Participation in Filex Exhibition 2016 (29 April – 1 May 2016)
TANITA Australia has participated in the Filex Exhibition 2016, one of the remarkable events in Australian fitness circle (Melbourne, 29 April – 1 May 2016), showcasing full series of TANITA products including both the home-use and professional products. TANITA also took this great opportunity to announce the grand global launch of the long-awaited body composition monitor for iPhone/ Android – the RD-953.  
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[Thailand] Strategic business partnership with Marimo 5 in exploring workplace health awareness
Marimo5 Co., Ltd. (Marimo5) and Central Trading Co., Ltd. (CMG) which has operated “TANITA Thailand” for around 40 years, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 21st March 2016 toward a strategic business partnership, aiming to the increase of a healthy and happy workplace in Thailand. In this strategic business partnership, Marimo5 and CMG jointly develop the attractive package service consisting of TANITA’s health-related product and Marimo5’s health education for corporate customers. For instance, Marimo5's food education workshop combined with TANITA's professional body composition analyzer enables Thai people to have "awareness about their dietary behavior" and "opportunityto monitor their health". TANITA’s kitchen items such as a digital kitchen scale and salt checker are provided as a part of Marimo5's chef training program for a healthy and happy canteen.  Furthermore, Marimo5 and CMG will closely work on the development, promotion and sales of “Monitoring Your Health (MYH)” for corporate customers. The “MYH” is the Web-Based Service developed by TANITA in Japan to control and promote employees’ health by using TANITA’s product, application and wireless network. We will develop the locally tailored service for Thai people’s health and happiness.     【About Marimo5 Co., Ltd.】 Marimo5 develops the workplace health education service and provides it to corporate clients in Thailand, aiming to prevention of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases). The service include "Health Education Workshop for Employees", "Canteen Evaluation and Improvement", and "Healthy Product Promotion in a workplace". Marimo5 also organizes the international seminar related to a healthy and happy workplace in Asia, including sustainable supply chain management and a decent work.   Second from the left: Mr.Ty Chirathivat, Senior Vice President of Central Marketing Group Leftmost: Mr.Varut Satidtanasarn, Vice President, Consumer Electrical & Prestige Products Second from the right: Mr.Shigeru Yamato, CEO of Marimo5 Co.,Ltd. Rightmost: Mrs.Aki Yamato, Vice President of Marimo5 Co.,Ltd. Caption of the pictures (From left to right): 1.Ms.Nuch Paoboon, Brand Manager Tanita 2.Mr.Varut Satidtanasarn, 3.Mr.Ty Chirathivat, 4.Mr.Shigeru Yamato 5.Ms.Aki Yamato 6.Ms.Chanatkarn Amornworasin, Food and Nutrition Specialist of Marimo5 7.Mr.Sukitti Eammongkolchai, General Manager for Home & Electrical Appliances
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[Thailand] Participation in JETRO exhibition (5 Mar – 6 Mar 2016)
TANITA Thailand has participated into the JETRO exhibition held in Central World Shopping Centre, Bangkok during 5 March - 6 March. In collaboration with local nutrition consultation group Marimo5, the TANITA booth offered free body composition consultation service using our professional device MC-780 and SC-330. It has attracted more than 200 visitors during the two days of exhibition.  
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[Taiwan] TANITA booth at the TaiSpo 2016 (2 Mar – 4 Mar 2016)
TANITA Taiwan has participated in the Taipei International Sports Goods Show which took place in Taipei during 2 Mar – 4 Mar 2016, showcasing the comprehensive series of both consumer and professional products in TANITA.  
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Announcement of TANITA Grant 2015 award recipients
Strongly dedicated to health & obesity-prevention researches, TANITA launched the TANITA Grant in 1994, marking the company’s 50th anniversary. The Grant has invested more than USD 1 million in over 60 research and health educational program with recipients coming from hospitals, universities, research institutes and health promotion organizations. Many projects have resulted in published articles and all share the common goal of reducing obesity and promoting healthy active living. We are delighted to announce that in 2015, two TANITA Grant recipients are from Asia Pacific regions. We look forward to seeing their research and work benefiting the society. Dr. Mo'ez Al-Islam Ezzat FARIS (University of Sharjah UAE) "Study of the Effect of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on Oxidative Stress, Body Adiposity and Metabolic Markers as Affected by SIRT3 Gene Expression in Obese Subjects"   Dr. Suresh Kumar MOHANKUMAR (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Malaysia) "Challenge-based interventions to promote obesity awareness and seek innovation in youth and school children."   The TANITA Grant 2016 is open for application from 1 April to 30 June 2016, and the result will be announced on the Tanita website in September 2016. For more information about the Grant and also previous Grant winners, please refer to http://www.tanita.co.jp/company/tanita-grant/index.html.
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[UAE] TANITA booth at the Arab Health 2016 (25 Jan – 27 Jan 2016)
Introducing the latest BIA technology to the Middle East countries, TANITA joined the annual Arab Health exhibition 2016, which took place in Dubai from 25 Jan – 27 Jan 2016. We look forward to promoting obesity prevention with our BIA devices in Middle East countries.  
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