Tanita History

Established in 1944, TANITA has been pioneering in the industry and has produced many innovative products that have become everyday household items.


Based on extensive medical research and product development, Tanita introduced the world's first integrated body composition analyzer/scale to professional market in 1992 and body fat monitor/ scale for consumer market in 1994.


Tanita's vision is beyond scales but more to products that enable consumers to monitor their own health and enjoy healthier lives.


Year Major events
1944 TANITA Corporation was established in Tokyo, Japan
1950s Entered into manufacturing partnerships with major domestic and export companies. TANITA manufactured a wide range of products, ranging from small motor products, car parts and scales
1963 TANITA’s Scale division started a period of rapid growth
1965 Introduced kitchen scales
1973 Moved manufacturing to a larger off-site facility
1974 Established product development teams and introduced the marketing concept linking scales to health
1978 World's First - Introduced word’s first digital bathroom scale utilizing capacitance weighing technology
1979 Reached a cumulative production of 10 million bathroom scales
1986 World's First - Introduced World’s first solar bathroom scale
1987 World's First - Introduced World’s first digital mini scale
1988 Started on-going global expansion plan. Offices now located in the United States, Hong Kong, India, China and Europe. 

Reached a cumulative production of 20 million bathroom scales
1992 World's First - Introduced World’s first integrated body composition analyser/ scale for the professional market
1994 Established manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China

Introduced the body fat monitor/ scale for the household market
1996 Established TANITA Trading Company in Shanghai, China
1997 The world best-selling scale including body composition analyser/ scale
2000 Introduced first segmental body composition monitors for professional use

TANITA Medical Advisory Board (TMAB) was established
2003 World's First - Developed the World’s first body fat ranges for children
2004 Introduced segmental body composition monitors for home use

Launched the MC-180MA segmental BIA multi-frequency body composition analyser

Launched wireless products for the health and wellness solution

2008 World's First - Developed the World’s first visceral fat monitor for professional use
2009 Established TANITA India Private Ltd.

World's First - Developed the World’s first muscle mass ranges for children

TANITA’s first recipe book was published and received overwhelming response in Japan

World's First - Developed the World’s first sleep monitor


Worldwide sales of body fat/ composition monitors reached 30 millions

World's First - Introduced the World’s first abdominal fat analyser AB-140MA

2012 The first TANITA restaurant was opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo
2013 Achieved JIS certification for excellent measurement accuracy and durable product quality in household scales
2014 TANITA celebrated 70th anniversary
2014 World's First - TANITA introduced the first Dual Frequency Body Composition Monitor for Consumer Market RD-901