Company Mission

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Our goals

  • To promote optimal body weight and composition concept worldwide, supported by extensive scientific research and continuous product development.
  • To develop, produce and market innovative and unique health management solution that enable people to enjoy fuller, healthier lives.
  • To offer products of excellent quality through sophisticated manufacturing system and strict quality control.



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Established in 1944, Tanita is the leading manufacturer of medical, commercial and consumer body fat monitors/ scales worldwide.

Closely working with a global network of researchers and medical specialists, Tanita pioneers at the forefront of the industry with its excellent product quality and measurement accuracy. Approved by ISO 9001 certification, CE mark NAWI, JQA (Japanese Quality Association) and FDA clearance, our products are well trusted by physicians, clinicians and health & fitness experts around the world.


Pioneer in Health Monitoring & Precision Measurement

Strongly dedicated to research & education, TANITA has introduced many innovative products that have become everyday items such as Body Fat Monitor, Body Composition Analyser for the professional market, digital bathroom scales and solar powered bathroom scales.


Dedicated to Research & Education

Operating its own research center and manufacturing facilities, Tanita is a fully integrated organization promising the highest quality control over every aspect of manufacturing and after-sale service.


TANITA Medical Advisory Board (TMAB)

The Tanita Medical Advisory Board (TMAB) was established in 2000 as part of our goal to remain at the forefront of advances in medical-related technology and health initiatives. It consists of a team of independent senior research scientists and obesity and nutrition experts from across the world who advise on the scientific development of BIA technology to ensure the highest accuracy is achieved. The Board is also tasked with ensuring that Tanita products, communications and information are ethically and scientifically accurate. [More about TMAB]


Global Presence

Tanita headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan, with world-class manufacturing facilities in Japan and China. We manage six branches in China, Europe, India, Hong Kong, and the USA respectively, with an extensive network of regional distributors. For more information, please refer to Worldwide.

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