Total Body Water %

Total Body Water percentage is the total amount of fluid in a person’s body expressed as a percentage of their total weight.

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Water plays a vital role in many of the body's processes and is found in every cell, tissue and organ. Maintaining a healthy totaly body water percentage will ensure the body functions efficiently and will reduce the risk of developing associated health problems.

The body’s water levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day and night. Water is continuously lost through urine, sweat and breathing. Eating big meals, drinking alcohol, menstruation, illness, exercising, and bathing can also cause variations in an individual’s hydration levels!

The total body water percentage will tend to decrease as the percentage of body fat increases. A person with a high percentage of body fat may fall below the average body water percentage. As you lose body fat, the total body water percentage should gradually move towards the typical range given above.

However, please note that your body water percentage reading should act as a guide and should not be used to specifically determine your absolute rcommended total body water percentage. It is important to look for long-term changes in the percentage and maintain a consistent and healthy total body water percentage.