RD-953 Asian
Dual frequency body composition monitor for iPhone & Android with bluetooth connectivity
Product Details
  • Dual Frequency
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android
  • New "Muscle Quality Score"
  • High Capacity - 200kg
  • Minimum weight graduation close to 0.05kg
  • Body composition estimation formula for Asian users - More Accurate Measurements!
Technical Specifications
Color variations:
Black, White
Weight capacity:
Product size (mm):
298mm x 328mm x 32mm
Product weight:
Power supply:
AA x 4
User memories:

The RD-953 incorporates the medical grade Dual Frequency BIA technology, which uses two different bio-electrical impedance frequencies, giving more accurate body composition results as well as one's muscle condition - "Muscle Quality Score", which is assessed in 3 categories: High. Standard and Low. With reference to this score, users can improve the Muscle Strength by doing more exercise in a regular basis.

Results are shown on the monitor’s LCD display and can be instantly be transmitted to your iPhone & Android system using Bluetooth technology and uploaded to your iPhone, where you can monitor and evaluate your progress using the free Tanita Health Planet App.

The RD-953 has a four-user memory, each with its own colour display and an auto-recognition feature, so you can simply step on to the scale without inputting your details each time. It also provides colour-coded assessments of your measurements, with green for healthy readings, yellow for borderline and red alerting you that attention is needed.

Available in black or white. 


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